We let you place your luggage in a certified local shop for a few hours or days

1€ per hour and never more than 5 per day.  You only pay if you show up for your booking.

Pick up your luggage anytime and pay only for the hours used.

Drop off your luggage on arrival or departure day to make the most out of your trip

Insurance is included free of charge on each item of luggage

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And go drop off your luggage in a local shop and pick it up again when it’s convenient. Click here to book.

You choose when you need it:

Make reservation up to 1 month ahead or book on your arrival.

Your baggage is safe with us

Your luggage is safe with us:

✔ Your luggage is insured against damage, loss and theft.

✔ Only certified local shops approved by Dropnlocal

✔ Your luggage is secured with a unique one-time seal

✔ Online customer service is on hand to assist 24/7

Trusted by travelers from all over the world:

“Great business idea. Instead of wasting time to find luggage storage far away you can enjoy the trip. The web-app is easy to use.”

Pris Meyer. Switzerland

“We love the idea of using local shops for luggage storage. We had 5 hours before going to the airport and we found a perfect spot right in the central of Copenhagen. We would recommend this anytime”

Anni Holmgren and friends. Norway


“We arrived early to Copenhagen and was advised by our host to use Dropnlocal for our baggage. We found a local shop on the map only 150 meter from where we stayed. From the second we dropped our baggage we were ready to enjoy the city and check-in later in the afternoon.”

Sara and Ashley.

Pay only by the hour and never more than 5€ per day.

Your travel experience is important to us:

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    We completely understand if you need to drop-off or pick-up your baggage earlier or later than you expected. The shops opening hours will be shown to you both before and after your booking is complete. You only pay for the hours you actually end up storing your baggage, and not for the hours booked.

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    You don’t pay unless you actually drop off your baggage at a Dropnlocal shop. Any unused booking will automatically be cancelled without any deduction or transaction made from your credit card.

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    Submit your credit card information for swift drop off and pick up at the store. By paying online you don’t need to worry about having the right currency on hand.

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    Strict safety procedures are set in place to ensure the safety of your baggage. Each piece of baggage is sealed with a unique identification number for complete reassurance and to ensure no unauthorized access to your belongings. You will receive an automatic receipt to your email of the drop-off and pick-up of your baggage. The shop will ask to see both your identification and receipt before returning any baggage.

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    In collaboration between coverholder First and one of the worlds biggest insurance companies Lloyds we are proud of covering each piece of luggage free of charge everytime using our luggage service

We care about your baggage

Read more about the steps we take to ensure the full safety of all baggage:

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We only think its fair that you do not pay if you don’t show up for your booking. That’s why we don’t charge you anything for not showing up. The booking is only to guarantee you have a chance to actually put your baggage at the shop, as we often run out of capacity in the shops.



Any damage, theft or lost luggage will be covered by our insurance to a maximum of €670 for each checked-in luggage. All shops are certified and carefully instructed by Dropnlocal in keeping your luggage safe. Special designed security seals are used for each luggage to guarantee no unauthorised access to your luggage
Dropnlocals top-priority are the safety of your baggage.

For this reason, serious matters are set in place to ensure that you always feel safe when leaving your things with us. And you should. We haven’t had any issues regarding the safety of our traveler’s baggage so far, and our aim is keeping that record everyday. That is why we have incorporated a list of safety procedures to make sure nothing happens to your baggage.

1. Our local shops are carefully selected from a strict list of criteria. All shops are legally bound by a written contract signed by each local shop guaranteeing you the safety of your belongings. Drop’n’local are always liable if in case the shop does not live up to this contract.

2. All baggage are carefully sealed using official Drop’n’local one-time-segments with unique ID numbers attached. This means you will always be able to see if your baggage has been accessed in any unauthorized way.

3. The second you drop off your baggage in one our certified shops our system will be alerted and you will receive a receipt and confirmation listing your unique ID numbers as attached to your baggage.

4. The shop’s staff are prohibited from leaving any pieces of baggage unattended. If any pieces of baggage should be left unattended these will be carefully locked away safely.

5. The shop is obligated to see identification or receipt containing the listed pieces of baggage when travelers pick up any baggage.

6. Email confirmation is sent simultaneously when any pieces of baggage are picked up in the store.

7. Your baggage is insured up to and including €670 in the event of any loss or damage to your baggage, this including the value of the bag/suitcase.

Our customer service is live 24/7 on CHAT every day.


You can choose between three sizes of baggage when booking online:

Small size: Think of the size of carry-on you bring onboard your plain as hand-luggage. This is a small size.

Normal: Normal means all size baggages that are not small carry ons. Big suitcases, big backpacks etc.


Your local shops opening hours are always shown on the booking page and in your confirmation mail.

This makes sure you are always aware of the earliest drop-off or latest pick-up from your selected shop.

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