Drop your luggage near central and metro in Copenhagen

Drop your luggage at Nørreport Station:

We have places for you to store your luggage on Nørreport station. You can use our easy webapp to book your perfect location:

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Time to new experiences:

Make time for new experiences from the moment you arrive in Copenhagen and until you leave the city again. By dropping your luggage near the destination of your travel you are saving precious time to make new experiences and adventures in a wonderful city like Copenhagen.

You are in the very heart of Copenhagen when standing on Nørreport station and it’s a perfect starting point for your adventures. You can jump on a bike from Donkey Republic or have walk to Rosenborg Castle. Torvehallerne foodmarket are just 2 minutes walk from Nørreport station. The main shopping street in Copenhagen are starting from Nørreport station and will lead you to Christiansborg (The parliament of Denmark).


Airport connection:

Nørreport station is a traffic hub for Metro, Railway, S-trains and bus lines. From this station you can get to the Copenhagen airport in just 15 minutes.

There are two main entrances to the Nørreport Metro Station. One from the main shopping street and one at Frederiksborggade.

What to do around Nørreport station:

Luggage service Torvehallerne

Local goods from small shops displaying all sorts of special foods

Torvehallerne food market when you come from Nørreport station

5 minutes walk from Nørreport station is this peaceful park H.C. Ørstedsparken

Sit outside and enjoy your food during day or late evening

Big open square for skaters, bikes etc. Good place to hang out to watch some good moves by the skilled people

The lake around H.C. Ørstedsparken

Places to drop your luggage at Nørreport station: