We are ready to grow with...Innovation Fund Denmark

We have been granted 500.000 DKK from Innovation Fund Denmark. This investment will go directly into our market expansion and further develop our IT platform.

“This is a huge acknowledgement of our work and the funding will enable us to increase our presence around the world. Our first move is London, which has already proved to be a huge success.” says Jannik Lawaetz Founder and CEO.

“Besides market expansion, we will focus on developing our web platforms that will improve the overall user experience for our customers and the local shops using our service.” The newly appointed investor, partner and CTO Kristian Løkkegaard, will be heading this development.

“We are extremely glad to welcome Kristian on board as our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), private investor and partner. With a background in fighting cyber crime and previously as the CTO of Dtecnet we are convinced that Kristian’s experience and knowledge within this field will be invaluable for us in the process of developing our new technology platforms.

The two fundings has been granted via Entrepreneurial Pilot (200.000 DKK) over the course of 2017 and from Innobooster (300.000 DKK).

  • Innovation Fund Denmark
”It is an acknowledgement of our work and a trust in us.

The Innovation Fund of Denmark supports our project because we have worldwide potential.” Jannik Lawaetz, CEO.

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Kristian Løkkegaard joined our team in February as our new investor and partner. Kristian has previously worked as the CTO of Dtecnet. Dtecnet is the winner of Børsen Gazelle 2010. Kristian is a former angel investor and well-known in the Danish start-up and investor environment.

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